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Waggin' Wheels Pet Supply
Waggin' Wheels Pet SupplyJanuary 13, 2018 11:34am
Here's the last post for today. I know I've bombarded you with info.

Attention Waggin Wheels Customers,

We regret to inform you that many companies will be having price increases as of Feb 1, 2018. Almost all of these increases are from companies that produce the foods we sell.
Most of these companies are raising prices due to rising ingredient prices, shipping or other costs of doing business. Those hit the hardest are companies that use lamb, venison, bison and other exotic meats.
There has been a shortage of quality bison for some time, and there now seems to be shortage of lamb and venison especially.
We here at Waggin Wheels try hard to keep our prices fair and reasonable, but these are just too large to absorb. We are also searching actively for other foods with exotic and pure ingredient panels that are still affordable.
In the coming weeks you will start to see some of these on the shelves and we hope that you and your pets will thrive on them just as before. Note that we DO NOT just bring in any random foods. All foods that we bring in are checked and held to the highest standards that we can safely determine. WE WILL NOT SACRIFICE QUALITY IN THE NAME OF PRICE.

Thanks from everyone here at Waggin Wheels!
Waggin' Wheels Pet Supply
Waggin' Wheels Pet SupplyJanuary 13, 2018 6:30am
As I drive around town I'm saddened to see so many boxes from that "online" pet food retailer. Believe me, I know that getting packages delivered to your door may seem like the best thing in the world. I have an Amazon Prime account and they love showing you how easy and happy the boxes are.

Well folks, let me tell you about things happening in the pet industry. There is a great thing pet supply companies like to throw around called "MAP" pricing. MAP stands for "Minimum Advertised Price" and is supposed to level the playing field with online retailers and us hard working people trying to keep a store open.

Well that may sound great, and in theory it is. BUT we have a better deal for you, the consumer.

Since Waggin Wheels doesn't have an online presence or advertise our prices online, we don't have to follow those guidelines!!!

Check the "real price" you pay for your pet items online.
Do they accept coupons? Probably not.
Do they offer frequent buyer programs for being loyal to that brand? Probably not.
Can you ask them even the simplest of questions about the food your buying? Probably not.
Do they personally review and feed any of the products they sell? Probably not.
Do they know why one food might be better than another for your pet? Probably not.

Just a simple check on one of our popular limited ingredient diets for dogs showed me that you could save $5-10 per bag over what they are charging.

DON"T CONFUSE SERVICE WITH PRICE. Personal contact and friendly service has all but disappeared in the retail environment.
Waggin' Wheels Pet Supply
Waggin' Wheels Pet SupplyJanuary 13, 2018 3:55am
Buckle you seat belt folks.... The next few months might get a little bumpy!
According to my distributors and some vendors, over the next coming months you are going to see an unfortunate rise in many brands that we carry. Some are going up already and some in the very near future.
The reason is that major ingredients like lamb and especially bison and venison are in VERY short supply right now. These ingredients have been exploding in pet foods over the last couple of years because of alleged "allergies" to other types of meats. Also these types of animals just can't simply be raised in high enough amounts to keep up with demand. Countries that primarily raise these meats; ie New Zealand and Australia have strict rules about how these animals are treated.

There is some good news. Unless you've had a blood test to determine the exact cause of your pet's allergies, you would be surprised at what they might be able to eat. Simply going to something like a fish, beef, pork or turkey diet might be enough to help your pet!
Here's one thing to consider. True food allergies are caused by the body's over-reaction to a PROTEIN amino acid chain in your pet's food. For example: your dog eats chicken and his body sees the amino acid chain in chicken as a threat and tries to neutralize it. Even though animals like turkeys, ducks and other poultry are similar, they don't have the same amino acid profile to their meat, and might be entirely suitable to your pet's system

Some foods today even use a process called hydrolyzation which means that they take meats like chicken or fish and chemically break apart their amino acid chains before entering the pet's body. This way the animal can still technically eat chicken, but their body doesn't recognize the amino acid and therefore doesn't attack it.

BTW... don't be fooled into the old thinking that pork is a trashy or unclean meat. That is old school and typically shared because of religious beliefs. Pork is a very healthy meat for pets and actually is one of the few meats that contains all 10 amino acids that dogs require from their diet. We have several all pork based foods that are doing very well.

Thanks for your time. Sorry for the lengthy post.
Waggin' Wheels Pet Supply
Waggin' Wheels Pet Supply updated their cover photo.January 11, 2018 5:56am
Waggin' Wheels Pet Supply
Waggin' Wheels Pet SupplyJanuary 11, 2018 5:55am
We have a great new line of dog and cat cans in to replace most of the flavors of Wild calling. Please welcome My Little Lion and My Little Wolf cans!!!

These are a great line of 96% meat cans. Most of these are single meat source cans with no carageenan and no by products!
Waggin' Wheels Pet Supply
Waggin' Wheels Pet SupplyJanuary 9, 2018 5:21am

Due to the ice and snow that is coming down today's nail trimming clinic is cancelled!

AGAIN, Today's nail trim clinic is cancelled due to the bad weather.

Stay safe!!!!!! The next clinic will be Jan 22nd.

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